therese paladino omaha
Hometown:    Papillion, NE

Nickname :

Mt summated:
Mt. Crescent, IA (twice during Mudzilla)

Failed attempts:
Mt. Bierstadt, CO (twice during the winter)

Highschool Sports:

Broken Bones:
These bones don't break easy. One slight fracture in my wrist after 120mph motorcycle wreck.

Proudest Athletic Achievement:
My first 5k (at over 400 lbs)
Lincoln Marathon
Boulder Ironman 70.3

Longest Race:
Boulder Ironman 70.3

Notable Benchmarks
Losing 185 lbs
running a 8:36 min/mile average 5k

Sport that you have a natural ability for:

I'm best on two wheels

Sport that you are most passionate about:
Running, I just love to go run and clear my head.

Biggest Athletic Learning Activity:

Any distance race for the first time. No matter how much you read or listen to others, your body and mind are unique and every race is different for everyone.

Favorite Motivational Saying:

"Never let yesterday affect today as much as today affects tomorrow"
-Ron Wright
"The difference between stubling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them."
Ron Wright