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Mt. Whitney, 2010
In October of 2010, the Landmark Group Endurance Team set out to climb and summit Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. The group had split up on the climb, and three of the men - Phil Abraham, Steve Filips and Dale Clymens - were suddenly hit by three feet of snow and terrible winds.

The men had enough food to sustain themselves for a few days while rescuers searched their hardest. The men found shelter in a rock-and-steel hut and were stuck melting snow for water. Unsure of their fate, the men sent  text messages of their whereabouts to their loved ones and waited to hear back. Three days later, the rescue crew reached them and they were airlifted off Whitney. The texts had been received and were a large part of the reason why Phil, Steve and Dale were found.

Of course because communication was barely there, the rest of the Endurance Team and the family and friends of the stranded hikers had no choice but to wait patiently for any news. Dave Paladino held a press conference announcing their missing team members and after their discovery, he was pleased to hold another press conference about their resuce. Several newspapers, local and national, also reported on the story.

To the left are videos of the two press conferences and the rescue, and below, you will find links to several news reports. Thankfully today we're able to share a story with a happy ending. Hopefully future Endurance Team trips will go a little smoother!
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